Water Curtain Paint Spray Booth

The spray painting is carried out by operator with the heelp of spray painting gun (buyer to arrange spray painting gun). The paint fume particles are sucked by the partial vacuum created by exhaust fan through a water curtain. The air is cleaned by scrubbing action in turbulent clean and keeps the environment clean and friendly.

Construction & Design
The partical expertise enables us to design the water Curtain Spray Booth with superior performance. The spray booth is modular in construction so that booth can be easily installed, modified or integrated into complete plant. The additinal middle suction, Clearly provides improved air guidance and better suction of hazardous paint fume particles. The water film thickness on the drain wall can be adjusted individually via throttle valves.

Essential Elements of Water Curtain Spray Booth

Exhaust Fan Motor
Paint Spray booth is mounted with high efficeincy centrifugal exhaust fan and motor to suck the fume and particulate matter in air.

Water Pump & Piping
Paint spray booth provided with water pump and suitable piping arrangement for proper circulation of water.

Throttle valve
To control water film thickness on the drain wall.


Performance Optimum
Features Long functional life
Efficiency 66%
Advantage Easy to Operate
Usage Industrial
Speciality Rust resistance

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