Semi Downdraft Paint Spray Booth

The Semi Down Draft (the direction of flow of air is towards the side walls of spray booth) Paint Spray booth is suitable for conventional, airless and electrostatic spray painting and its consists of painting chamber, Inlet Air Filter, Paint Trap Filters, axial flow Fan, electric motor, duct and canopy etc. The design of the paint booth will be of semi down draft type paint booth with disposable paint trap filters on side walls. The intake air tino the paint booth is filtered by intake filter to avoid foreign particle deposition on the painted surface. The intake air is sucked into the room by the extraction modules located on the side walls.


  • Maintains dust level to minimum, prevents spreading of paint and mantains clean air at the operators breathing level.
  • Collects over sprayed paint, solid and discharge solvent fumes outside the building.
  • Reduces the fire hazard.


Thickness 0-50cm, 100-150cm, Etc
Application Paint Filtration
Efficiency 66%
Features Long functional life
Performance Optimum
Strength Highly effective

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