Railway Industries
  • Shot Peening of springs, piston cranks, heat treatment stress releving for welded diesel engine casing.
  • Cleaning of various components of generating units de-burring machined components and its parts.
  • Surface preparation before painting & thermal.

  • Cleaning of valves and instruments.
  • Cleaning of electrical and electronic assemblies.
  • Cleaning of outerwear
  • Cleaning and Peening turbine blades and values.
  • Sandblasting to remove scale and corrosion from deck and superstructure.

Surgical Industries
  • Cleaning of molds.
  • Finishing of surfaces which will be normally sterilized.
  • Glare free finishing of surgical and hospital instruments.
  • Deburring of hypodermic needs.

  • To Blast Clean the Surface of Floor Tiles, Slates, Sand Stone, Marble Chips for Proper Bonding with Surface.
  • Creating Design, Surface Etching & Engraving On Different Types of Stones.

Other Applications
  • Clean embossing dies : rubber or plastic molds, steel stamps, engravings
  • Hone cutting tool edges: high speed or tungsten carbide.
  • Blend in discoloration: On brazing dissimilar metals together.
  • Blend in grinder flaws: precision parts, drills, reamers, broaches taps.
  • Roughen metal: Prepare and improve surface for bonding or rubber, Teflon, enamel, etc.
  • Stress relieving: Peening.
  • Investment castings: Blast ceramic or stone from cavities.
  • Armatures: clean varnish from slots.
  • Extrusion dies: Restore corrupted die in minimum time.
  • Cleaning of scale and grime from water meters.
  • Cleaning of electrical parts.
  • To blast clean the surface of FLOOR TILES, SLATES, SAND STONE,

Aviation Industries
  • Shot Peening of engine turbine blades, landing gears and spar structures etc.
  • Cleaning of various components of aeroplane.
  • Surface preparation – de-painting and re-painting, thermal spray of aeroplanes and its parts & thermal spray.
  • Peening of landing gear parts and secondary Peening.
  • Peening of hydraulic shafts and linkages.
  • Peening of electrical parts and connections.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all external surfaces.
  • Peening of welds and joints.
  • Peening of jet engine components : blades, valves, spindles, shafts, intakes.
  • Peening to form airfoils.
  • General secondary Peening-air frame surfaces.
  • All electrical, hydraulic, electronic and instrument parts for

Automobile Industries
  • Cleaning of carburetor, fuel pumps, water pumps, compressors,
  • Cleaning of pistons, tie rods,
  • Cleaning of electrical parts.
  • Cleaning after HT-shafts, gear springs, axles, tie rods, carburetor parts.

Casting and Forgings Industries
  • Deburring of castings.,
  • Finishing of castings for decorations or glare free surfaces or general cleaning.

Thermal Power Industries
  • Shot Peening of turbine blades & rotors hubs for hydro power generators.
  • Cleaning of various components of generating units de-burring machined components and its parts.
  • Surface preparation before painting & thermal spray.

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